the Possibilities of Different Geographies (online)

10.  STAND online

The Possibilities of Different Geographies, created by the thedorothysharproject, consists of 'movement recipes’ presented in a menu format.

This project, developed in collaboration with choreographer Jane Carr, provides participants with opportunities for performative explorations. The instructions for these are presented to participants as recipes from a menu of numbered possible orders; Stand currently being number 10 of 10 in the current instance of the menu.

In live performative events, entitled 'The Possibilities of Different Geographies' which are held in café like surroundings, participants choose a recipe from the menu which they then perform to a ‘recipe-specific’ sound score and lighting. Each recipe is constructed, in movement terms, to cut across binary opposites while sound and lighting serve to both distance the event from the everyday and to destabilise perceptions of very ordinary actions. The resulting event aims to provide participants with opportunities for reflection upon the performative dimensions of embodied identifications.

During the Covid 19 pandemic it has not been possible to continue with live events. In response Bruce has started to record his own variants to the movement recipes in The Possibilities of Different Geographies (under lockdown). Stand was performed for video and uploaded as performance activities moved on line.

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1.  SMILE online

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